Place 20 – Day 3: Shanghai – Fuxing Park, Waffles & Shanghai Tower

We failed to eat breakfast at the hotel again…

We tried, we really did, but we liked sleeping much more! 08:30 is so early!

We still got up at a decent time, around 10:00 and got up and went for breakfast. Kim fancied waffles and saw a waffle place, so we went there and had waffles with banana and chocolate with a ‘mocca smoothie’.

We were very full from breakfast, but we went back to the hotel room to cool down (it was 41°C today, not including humidity!) And then we headed back out to go to Fuxing Park, which is a large park with not much in, but it was very peaceful. There were people playing cards, people performing Tai Chi. We sat on a bench for a bit and then had a walk around. There were some nice parts to the park for sure!

A rose garden in Fuxing Park
A nice tunnel in Fuxing Park
What seemed like a main square in Fuxing Park
Near where we entered Fuxing Park

We went from the park to the nearest metro station, crossing over a bridge with some good views!

Awesome view of part of Shanghai from a bridge

We got to the metro and traveled to another place which is actually over the water and went to the Shanghai tower. This tower is the 2nd tallest in the world!

Shanghai Tower

We paid to go to the top of the tower and at the bottom, before we went up, there was a small exhibition regarding it’s height in comparison to other buildings around the world.

We got into the lift and went up. It is so high and fast that your ears actually pop! We stopped on around the 500th floor, where we got out and took some photos from up there! The photos aren’t the best as there is a lot of smog, but it was still a cool experience!

We then got hungry so went back down, hopped on the tube and back to the hotel. We decided to go to the hotel restaurant and ordered spicy beef in chilli oil and spicy chicken.

The spicy beef was very spicy and had a beautiful broth but the chicken was pretty much just bone, which was a little disappointing. We also got some noodles, which cost just £1! For all of that we paid just £8!

Now it is 19:00 and we are going to relax in the air-conditioning as it is much cooler than outside is today!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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