Place 20 – Day 2: Shanghai – People’s Square & The Bund

We were planning to be up early for breakfast (must be up between 07:00 & 09:00) but we ignored the alarm and slept instead. We clearly needed it after our long travels. 

Once we woke up we needed to get some breakfast, so we headed to the Shanghai foodmall and found a steamed buns place. We had some pork steamed buns, which were different.

Once we finished our breakfast, we walked to People’s Square and into People’s Park. This is a huge park which has a theme park, a waterfall and just a wonderful calming atmosphere, which was nice as it took us away from the hustle and bustle!

Bamboo surrounding the park

It got very warm today, it was around 35-37°C but also with humidity so making it much warmer!

We finished walking around the park and then came back to the hotel for a little relax and shower (it’s so hot we shower 3 times a day!) then we went back out to find some dinner. 

We stopped at the Bund first and took some photos of the incredible building landscape which only gets better when dark!

We found a restaurant and just went in, which is not something we do very often, normally we check it out online first, so it was an interesting idea!

The food was not too bad and we looked fully like tourists not knowing the language as noone spoke English, so we were unsure what we would get, but we got beef noodles & rice & chicken, both were not too bad!

We finished our food and walked down to a waffle cone place which serves ice cream in waffles, so Kim was very excited about that! 

Kim looking excited for her waffle cone

We walked back to the Bund and managed to survive the hoards of people to take a photo of the Bund at night, which looks incredible!

After this, we walked back towards the hotel and thought we would treat ourselves with a drink for the room and found a 2.5l bottle of Sprite for just £0.70! 

Now we’re trying to book for future places and just relaxing. We plan to wake up on time for breakfast tomorrow, so we will see how that goes!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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