Place 18 – Day 3: Helsinki – Suomenlinna Fortress

Today we woke up even later than yesterday. We had breakfast and watched some TV beofre showering and heading out. 

The weather was a little wet all day today, but this was to stop our plans. 

Spending just 5€ each, we got a boat ticket to Suomenlinna Island to visit the fortress. 

The island is about 20 minutes away by boat and includes a fortress and some other things. 

We got to the island and went straight to the shop that was there to buy something for lunch. We settled on a 0.79¢ baguette which we ate whilst wondering around. 

We eventually found the fortress which was free of charge and had a look around. We were able to go inside the fortress and explore the dark insides. Some parts were so dark that we couldn’t even see eachother, which can be seen in the video below of Kim emerging from the darkness!

We walked around for a good few hours and walked on the outskirts of the fortress also, discovering a small rock covered beach. We walked along the rocks for a little bit, before arriving back at the port and waiting for the boat. 

The small beach
A wonderful view
The main courtyard of the fortress
Some cannons..
Some people actually live within the fortress walls. This is one residential area
A shot of a passageway inside the fortress

We arrived back in the centre of Helsinki at 17:00 and had to think about some dinner. We went to the supermarket but didn’t find anything we wanted, though we did find some stuff for sandwiches tomorrow.

We went to Subway to get some dinner and there was a good deal of 2 footlong subs, 2 bottled drinks and a free subway bag (for some reason) for 19.99€. that sounded good to us so we got that and came back to the room to relax and watch some TV. We watched one program and then fell asleep for a little bit, only to be woken up by remembering to do the blog! 

We are traveling again tomorrow, for a while, so we will update you when we can!

Moi moi! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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