Place 18 – Day 2: Helsinki – Confused Weather

We had no alarm set.for this morning, which was wonderful! We woke at 10:30 and had showers in the strage showers we have here…

We then needed to get some breakfast, so we went for a walk to a supermarket and bought a cake and some orange & mango juice, as well as picking up some cereal and milk for breakfast for the next couple of days.

The weather was rather hot and blue sky and then, all of a sudden, there was hard rain followed by large hailstones. It was a very strange view as there were black rain clouds in one part and then merged with that were blue skies! 

We did walk past a rather large cathedral though, which was very cool and looked very cool with the black cloud around it!

We took a walk around the market and the indoor old market area which is now a small set of food stores. This was nice and smelled wonderful!

After the market, we found somewhere to have some Finnish food, which was a Viking themed restaurant! 

The food was very nice and we got a set 3 course menu.

We got dried rye bread with melted butter before dinner

We had a salad for starter with a potato bread
Main course: Chicken with cheese on top with potato, a relish & a red wine sauce
A wonderful chocolate cake with raspberry sauce & lemon sorbet

Viking hats were available!

Once we finished our food, we walked a different way back to the hostel via the waterside which had a wooden structure which included a bar, swimming pool and sauna. We sat and looked at the view, which was a very nice one!
The view from the structure

We then came back to the hostel to relax and watch some TV.

Moi Moi!

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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