Place 17 – Day 13: Norefjord – Langedrag Nature Park 

Today we woke up at 07:00 to get ready to head out to Hege’s work which is a nature park up in the mountains!

We were lucky enough to get in early to the park and we were there for a good 8 hours!

Due to the park being in the mountain, it was a little windy and colder, but the weather was beautiful. The first thing we did was went into an enclosure which had horses and cows in. There were highland cows, including a lovely baby one and it was beautiful! 

Baby highland cow!
Adult Highland Cow

We then walked around the park, seeing many animals such as Reindeer, Arctic Foxes, Elk, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Boar and more!

Baby Horse!

We were able to see the sled dogs which were training and they seemed to be very aggressive but they really were not!

Sled dog

We attempted to get to a feeding show of the Elk, but we went to the wrong place but we still saw the elk!

The Elk

We walked around a bit more and then we went on a talk which was actually a lot longer than expected which took us to the end of the day! Before we went to this, we had a nice hot chocolate in the café.

We then went on the talk which was feeding for 2 types of wolves, lynx, reindeer & arctic fox. 

One of the pack of wolves were just fed from afar. We headed to the Lynx enclosure, which the guide went into to feed them! 

The Lynx

The guide then took us to the Reindeer enclosure which also had Arctic Foxes in there. We actually got to go into the enclosure and feed both animals!

Kim feeding an Arctic Fox
Kim feeding a reindeer

We went to the next wolf enclosure next, which was awesome as the guide went into the enclosure and got them to howl!

A wolf being friendly with the keeper

We had a nice busy day and now we’re going to be having a big Chinese buffet, all homemade as Martin & Hege lived in China!

Tomorrow, we unfortunately leave here as we are going to another place which will be revealed tomorrow. 

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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