Place 17 – Day 12: Norefjord – Fence Completion, Moving Logs & Tractor Ride 

We had crêpes, made by Kim, for breakfast and then, at 10:15, we began with completing the fence we started on our first day. We had to stretch out fencing wire across the posts we had put in previously and then hammer in staples.

Kim figuring out the fencing

We did this for a couple of hours but got hungry, so we went in for lunch. Today’s lunch was spaghetti with veg and a tomato sauce (and coffee).

We went back out and completed our fence, with some parts being an absolute mission as trees were in the way, but we were able to complete it!

Part of the finished product

We then had to do the same as the other day and move some logs. We got them all into the trailer and we all then got to have a ride on the trailer on the back of the tractor! 
Trailer rides are pretty exciting!

Kim went in to make a wonderful roast dinner whilst Curtis & Jana were working with Martin to try and get the trailer detached from the tractor as it wasn’t working as expected! We eventually got it removed and then came inside after a long and heavy day for our wonderful roast dinner which is heavily deserved!

This was our last day of working here, as we leave on Monday. 

We have a day off tomorrow and we have a plan to go with Hege to her work, so it should be an interesting blog!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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