Place 17 – Day 10: Norefjord – Project Pallet-Bed

We had finished the room yesterday which was nice to see our hard work completed, though we did have some things to finish up!

We needed to get a temporary bed made, from pallets, as well as get a desk upstairs.

We got 1 pallet from this shop this morning and luckily had 3 others which we had to sand down. Curtis sanded them down, but they each took a long time and only 1.5 were completed by lunchtime!

We had leftovers for luncb, as well as coffee, of course, and then we we back outside to complete the sanding. 

Curtis looking beautiful in his face mask

Once they were sanded they were stained to give them a nicer colour and then we had to get them upstairs.

We opened a hatch and used a homemade pully system to get them up! We attached rope to them and pulled from the other end and sure enough they went up! 

We got those upstairs and they are ready to be put together as a temporary bed.

We then had to get a desk up, which we used the same system to do, but it was a little more difficult. We had to jimmy it around to get it through the gap but we managed to get it through.

We then went outside, with a beer, to enjoy the sun for a bit before relaxing.

Incedible view with the sun shining this evening!

Kim is going to make either a katsu curry (if possible) or breaded chicken pieces!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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