Place 17 – Day 9: Norefjord – Mission Successful!

We were tasked with making breakfast this morning and Kim made a good ol’ English fry-up! Egg, homemade bacon (Yes, from previous pigs!), Lamb Sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, tomato and toast! It was beautiful!

We started at 09:30 this morning, so a little later, and all morning we were working to fit 2 last planks into the middle of the ceiling. There is a beam in the middle of the room which we had to fit 2 planks next to and they were causing a lot of issues! We had to fit it into the gaps, but it was a little wide and long, so we had to keep cutting this down, sanding it and shredding it. 

Eventually, we got these pieces to fit and one was short so we had to add another piece with an angle, but we fit those up there perfectly!

In the afternoon, we needed to add in the wood around the windows and most of it was perfect fit but one window was not. This meant that we had to cut it down, sand it and get it to fit! 

We did this and then the room was complete! We picked out the moss from the walls and cleaned the floor.

Curtis and Jana (another HelpX’r) sugar soaped the floor but didn’t wipe the excess off so it had to be done again! 

Kim went with Hege and Tarn to the shop to get both food and a pallet, which we are using for our next project! 

Kim made tacos for dinner and then she was fluffing wool!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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