Place 17 – Day 8: Norefjord – Room Project Nearing Completion

Today we were back to work and we were really excited to get started! 

We woke at 07:50 to make breakfast. Kim made french toast, which was delicious!

We then went back up to the room to continue with sanding, cutting and shaping the planks for the ceiling trim.

We spent most of the morning to get all of the planks sanded and cut and continued with the room after lunch and had a few planks left to screw in, but the problem is that we had to cut them to specific angles and let’s say it wasn’t easy!

We did manage to get them all screwed in and there isn’t many jobs left! We just need to remove the wall insulation and replace it with wool, add in some more planks in the middle of the room and then paint and varnish the floor.

We finished work and then booked some more flights and had showers. 

We’re being made Thai Curry for dinner by Hege, which Curtis is really looking forward to!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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