Place 17 – Day 7: Norefjord – A Whole Lotta Nothin’

Today, we decided to take our day off as we’re quite tired and also it was meant to rain all day!

We had a small lay in, waking up at around 10:00 before having a lovely breakfast of eggs on toast.

We relaxed for a little bit and then thought we should probably use our time wisely and look into some flights for some of our future travels.

This has pretty much been what we have done all day, along with playing with Tarn, the baby, Kim has been making some more ice cream and she also went shopping with Tarn & Hege and is now making honey roasted vegetables with beer gravy, which we’re all salivating just thinking about!

As mentioned above, it said on the forecast that there was meant to be rain all day, but there hasn’t been a single drop, which is frustrating!

We were considering taking a short hike, but decided that we really couldn’t be bothered and we will probably just do it after we finish work one day…Maybe tomorrow!

This blog is pretty much at its end now. Sorry for the short one, but we’ve pretty much done nothing all day, so not much to report! Back to work tomorrow, meaning there should be something interesting to speak about!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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