Place 17 – Day 6: Norefjord – Mini Trees, Heavy Trees & A Spot of Cleaning

Kim woke at 07:00 to feed the animals and left Curtis in bed for an hour.

Kim made crêpes for breakfast, which were delicious, and then we had a bit of a relaxed morning, just doing a few small jobs here and there. Kim hung out some laundry and created the pigs’ food, which consists of boiling spoiled vegetables. Whilst Kim did this, Curtis took the beer pots (the pots that the beer was brewed in) and washed them out outside.

We then headed outside to take the trees we cut the other day and move them (the cut parts) to a place up the hill which is a ‘burning pile’ for a future date. Unfortunately, this was very tiring as it was up a very steep hill and we tried to take all of the large cut offs at once!

We took a break for lunch, in which we had more coffee and some noodles and looked at some accommodation options for a place we needed to book for (You’ll find out where soon enough!). Unfortunately, we didn’t find anywhere suitable, so we headed back outside to cut some small trees out of a field so that a machine that cuts hay can be used in it.

Once we completed this, we headed back in so that we could look at some more accommodation for the unnamed place we looked for earlier. Luckily, we were able to book something for it, after DAYS of looking, so that was a big positive!

Kim is currently making a nice chicken Mexican-style meal, which should be delicious!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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