Place 17 – Day 5: Norefjord – 80 Brown Bottles…🍺

Last night, it took 4 of us to get one rogue chicken into the chicken pen, which was a barrel of laughs but then the sheep came and said hi so it was lovely!

Kim being loved by a lamb!

This morning, we got another lay in, but didn’t sleep great last night so we ended up being more tired! 

 We had breakfast and then went out to continue being carpenters and doing the ceiling trim! We did this for the morning and stopped for our lunch which was instant noodles. They were lovely!

Kim had a great time trying to lure the sheep away from the garage today, but she was unable to. She did get followed by them a lot which was funny!

After lunch we had a few more pieces of wood to cut, sand and screw in. 

We then had a break until the evening when we had to clean and sterilise bottles for beer bottling!

Post bottle cleaning, we bottled the homemade beer, which was a very fun experience!

We now have a LOT of beer!! 🍺

All the beer!
Before we bottled the beer
Mid-process bottle drying

We have celebrated with a beer and some more of Kim’s ice cream. Tomorrow we have some spare beer to use for gravy, which we can’t wait for!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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