Place 17 – Day 2: Norefjord – Farmin’ About The Place 

We woke at 06:45 this morning to find out how the feeding of the animals works so that we can rotate that each morning.

We then had some breakfast and relaxed for a bit and then started working at about 09:00. 

We started the day by putting fence posts into the ground, hoping to get them in the correct place and ensuring that they were stable. Unfortunately, we kept getting swarmed by the bugs!

We then moved onto clearing old compost to the new compost pile which was pretty simple!

We then walked down the long driveway and removed big stones that will damage car tires. This took us up to lunch time where we had Spanish omelette as well as left over spaghetti Bolognese!

After lunch, we cleaned out the chicken house and made it look sparkling new!

We were then done after this and we went exploring with Martin. Martin showed us an old big chainsaw from the 1950’s which Kim loved!

Kim with the chainsaw!

We were then finished for the day and we sat and ate the bananabread that Kim made and had some coffee!

We are relaxing tonight and trying to book accommodation for future plans and we think we will go for a hike tomorrow after working!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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