Place 16 – Day 32: Bergen – And Then There Were Two

We needed to be out of the apartment by 11:00 today, so we made sure we were up for about 09:00 to get everything done!

We then had to be outside for 12 hours, so Kim made sure that she made some sandwiches to keep us going.

We walked around, had a few coffees and some cinnamon buns and hung out with Espen. 

Tom & Maggie needed to leave to the airport at 15:00, so we walked them to the tram terminal and, with both Kim & their tears, they left to the airport and we went back into Bergen.

Tom & Maggie saying their goodbyes before hopping on the tram

We hung out with Espen for a couple of hours, just wandering around and window shopping before Espen had to go home to prepare for work tomorrow. 

This left just us two, alone again! Though this is odd and kind of sad, it is also nice to be able to spend time together.

Espen embracing Curtis during goodbyes

We continued to walk around aimlessly and then decided we would attempt one last hike before leaving Bergen…This failed.

We didn’t even get halfway up before we bailed on the idea…We just couldn’t be bothered! We sat around on benches on the mountain for a bit, people watching, before we headed to Burger King for a cheap ice cream and WiFi!

Lovely photo of us two from the mountain

Cool looking street…We thought!
Final mountain view from Bergen

We are currently still sat in Burger King and we have a few hours to kill. We will need to head to the train station at about 22:15 to grab our bags from the lockers and ensure we are in the correct place to catch our night train, which takes us to one place, which we then have to take another bus to the place we are staying! All the travel!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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