Place 16 – Day 31: Bergen – Fjell Festning Museum

We woke up a little later today after our late night last night! The weather has gone downhill now and has been raining on and off, but it’s still been fairly warm.

Espen picked us up at 14:30 to head out to Fjell Festning, as we did in Thursday, but this time we drove up to the top. 

We entered the museum and had a couple of coffees before heading underground to the museum.

We had a wonderful Norwegian guide, who only spoke Norwegian and didnt like English people, but luckily we had Espen & Marcus to translate for us.

It went quite far underground and we went into a plethora of rooms from bathrooms to laundry rooms to bedrooms! 


Awesome Hallway
Sea Mine

We had a great time wandering around there and then we came home and had some pizza with Espen and Marcus whilst watching Harry Potter.

Now we are watching Brann vs Vålerenga football on TV whilst relaxing.

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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