Place 16 – Day 30: Bergen – Fløien Hiking & All-You-Can-Eat Brasilian BBQ

We woke up at 10:30 to be ready to get down town for 13:00 to meet Espen. We were prepared for our day of hiking! The plan was going up Fløien mountain and then over to Ulriken mountain. 

We took the 1 hour walk up Fløien, which was nice and easy as the weather was overcast and the perfect temperature. 

We stopped at the top of Fløien for a coffee and a Cinnamon bun! 

The view from Fløien

We also found some goats!

We then walked a little bit more and came to a stop again a little bit up the track for a spot of lunch! Kim had made sandwiches for lunch so we sat and had those on the side of the mountain.

Waterfall near where we ate lunch!

Espen then decided that we would be going down another way, rather than continue the 10km to Ulriken!

We walked down another mountain, which was beautiful but also not the easiest…

Espen looking majestic

Once we eventually got the bottom, in one piece, we came back to the apartment for a bit of a relax before heading out to a Brasilian BBQ restaurant with Espen, Tony & Marcus!

The food was beautiful and the company was great! We had a brilliant time and a good laugh.

Beautiful Brasilian BBQ

We stayed at the BBQ for a few hours, after our 5.5 hours of hiking!

We are all now very full but also very happy!

Tomorrow is a relax day, but we are going to head up to Fjell Festning again for a guided tour around the underground museum!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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