Place 16 – Day 26: Bergen – The Centre

Today, we went for a walk into the centre of Bergen. 

We woke up pretty late and had some pancakes (made by Kim) for breakfast. We relaxed and watched some TV for a bit, had showers and then headed off to the centre of Bergen. 

We are pretty lucky as this is a few steps from our door! 

Just a few steps away… beautiful!

We took a walk across the bridge and got to the centre where it was surprisingly warm! We had some things we needed to buy, but we also stopped for a ice cream! 

Kim had some fun sat in the massage chair and had the added bonus of a foot massager..all good fun when you find a random shop with these in! Kim spent far too long there…

Kim in the massage chair

We plan to go for an evening walk tonight, after we have our dinner, not that we know what we will have! 

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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