Place 16 – Day 25: Bergen – Another New Home

We have now moved to a new home!

We have left our incredible HelpX family behind in Askøy and are now near the centre of Bergen (about 30 minute walk).

We are anticipating the arrival of Kim’s parents, who will be joining us on Thursday for a few days and then we have absolutely nothing planned after that!

We were planning to get to the bus stop for a bus leaving at 13:23 and we were able to get the wood pile completed before hand, which was a huge help to the family and also nice to see completed for us.

Øyvind and Simen were heading out before we were leaving so we said our goodbyes but then they popped back as they forgot something and so we were able to hitch a ride with them at 13:00 to get down to Kleppestø where we could catch the boat back from Askøy to Bergen centre.

Once we got to the centre, we had to pickup the key for the apartment from a 7-Eleven shop before heading to the bus station to find the bus we needed to get to the apartment!

We got to the apartment and were shocked at how lovely it was inside! We have a lot of room and a large balcony as well as a terrace outside on the roof which we can used, which is awesome.

We have just been to the shop where we did a large shop for the week, with the plan for Taco Friday (which is on Thursday for us!)

Plan for tonight is to have some Spaghetti Bolognese and then just relax in front of the TV!

Ha Det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale


4 Replies to “Place 16 – Day 25: Bergen – Another New Home”

  1. Sounds like you have made some more nice friends , worked hard , enjoy your few days with mum and dad , I know they are sooo looking forward to it lots love Debbie xxx ps miss u heaps but glad u having fun 😍😍

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