Place 16 – Day 24: Bergen – A True Norwegian Experience

So, today we have to say goodbye as it’s our last day before we go into the city centre and leave this family.

We have had an amazing time, both learning new skills and hanging out with the family!

We went for a hike today on a mountain close to the city centre. We were with Øyvind’s family and they were lovely!

We walked up the mountain whilst it was absolutely chucking down with rain, but it was still great fun! Most of it was flat floor but we did do some climbing/hiking. 

We got to a cabin and we all bundled into it! We sat and ate sandwiches, got a fire going and drank some coffee. It felt like a true Norwegian experience, just getting to sit in a cabin in the woods in Norway after climbing a mountain was awesome!

Once we got back we were very, very wet! We had a quick shower to warm up and then we sat down and ate a wonderful pork dinner.

We finished the dinner and then we went for a boat ride as well as some fishing. The weather was quite nice whilst we were out on the boat, which was nice but unfortunately we didn’t catch any fish.

It’s a shame we are leaving already, but it was a wonderful time we had here. We are now moving on to central bergen, where Kim’s parents are coming in to see us! 

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale  


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