Place 16 – Day 23: Bergen – Chicken Coup & Bakery Visit 

Today, we tried to hold off heading outside to start with as it was raining very heavy and we had to work outside.

We started with some weeding as our wood wall was complete, but then we were shown what needed to be done with the chicken house and so we did that. We dusted around the coup to get rid of cobwebs and dust..there were a lot of spiders!

We then scooped out all of the used sawdust and filled it with new sawdust.

Once we were done with this, we had a nice sandwich for lunch and then we all went to the bakery that is up the road. The bakery is in someone’s garden and it is beautiful! There were many nice treats inside as well as breads and coffee.

We had a strawberry tart and a salted caramel bun to share, which were wonderful! We also had some coffee.

We sat there for a bit in the sun which has now appeared! 

We got back and continued with some work. Some more wood had been cut so we continued with that until we finished for the day.

Once we finished, Silje & Øyvind went to a Victorian party and we looked after the children who also had friends round!

We all had pizza for dinner and Kim made a brownie which is delicious! The children went out for a bit, until it rained and then we were all just relaxing and then watching a film. 

When Kim and I went to a shop earlier, we ended up ‘doing a Theresa May’ and frolicing through fields!

 Overall, today was a nice day and the weather seemed to be pretty good for the most of it!

We have a hike planned for tomorrow with Øyvind’s family, which should be lovely!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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