Place 16 – Day 20: Bergen – Dronningen

Kim was feeling 100% today, but Curtis was still feeling a little under the weather. 

We had some breakfast, Kim had some porridge and toast and Curtis had a small amount of honey-nut müsli.

We finished breakfast and then went out to start some work for the first time in 2 days.

We did well, Curtis had to stop occasionally, but he was fine really.

We managed to split all the wood available to us today and our wood pile is very high now!

After work, Silje made a wonderful stir-fry and then we were told about a nice hike close by, so we went to that! The place was called ‘Dronningen’ and it was quite a steep hike but certainly good fun and some lovely views from the top!

There was a book to sign your name in which we did at the top and then we were able to make our way back down.

We got back and now Kim is just about to go on the trampoline with Vetle, so let’s hope she doesn’t break anything!

Ha Det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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