Place 16 – Day 20: Bergen – The Recovery

Unfortunately today, we were not 100% yet and were really too weak to do anything. We were no longer feeling sick, but very weak and definitely dehydrated.

We slept on and off from about 4:30pm to around 10:00am with hopes of shrugging off the illness.

We had a small amount of dry toast for breakfast and ensured we drank enough liquids.

We took a small break from being couch potatoes and took a, very slow, walk to the shop as we needed some toothpaste and shampoo. We ended up also buying soup, which was a brilliant idea. Having something with some flavour was welcomed.

Then, we come to this evening in which Silje kindly made pasta with meat sauce, which was lovely and was good to have some texture and flavour as well as something proper to eat.

After, we had some coffee and now we’re just relaxing, hoping that today will be the end of our illness and tomorrow we can restart working again!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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