Place 16 – Day 18: How Much Wood Can An English Couple Split?

We woke at 10am for a special breakfast prepared by Simen this morning, but unfortunately he was unwell, so we had some toast with brunost (Brown Cheese), juice and coffee, of course. 

We then headed outside to do some splitting of wood! The weather was nice this morning too, so that was an added bonus! 

We were shown how to use the wood splitter and then we began splitting! Some were a little bit more difficult, so that meant we had to use the axe to cut them, which was obviously great fun!

We stopped for some lunch, a lovely sandwich with some beautiful buns. After lunch, it was raining a little so we had to stop with wood splitting as the rain was affecting our machine. 

We swapped to doing some weeding, which is definitely more fun than you would think as there was big ones that we could take out with bigger tools, which was fun! 

After work, we took a nice walk down to the shop, which goes past some sheep and some awesome Christmas trees!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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