Place 16 – Day 14: Bergen – Digging Around Obstacles & A Woody Stroll

We finally had some good enough weather today to continue with the hot tub area. We’ve pretty much completed our water run off area and we just had to do a little bit more digging to get it to the correct depth. Low and behold, as it’s been since we started it, there were more obstacles! 4 massive rocks and a lot of metal. We managed to get 2 rocks out, but 2 were just too tough for us, and we,re going to revisit it on Thursday.

We finished up there and had some lunch! Kim made a wonderful egg, ham & cheese was delicious!

We decided that we would go for a walk after lunch, so we headed out down the hill and saw some excellent views! 

We found an area of woodland and wandered around. It was pretty boggy in some places, but luckily, unlike the other day, we didn’t get a lot of mud everywhere!

We took some photos and videos around the area as we were surrounded by mountains, lakes and woodland. It was absolutely beautiful!

To get back to the road, we had to pass an abandoned caravan. We were certainly hoping it was abandoned and noone jumped out of it! Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Once we got back, Curtis helped the host with pulling some cables through to the correct place whilst Kim made an incredibly delicious paprika-infused Mac & Cheese! It was georgious! Just look at that cheese!

Tomorrow, we have some plans with Espen as we have our day off, and then we have thursday to work and the on Friday we move on!

Exciting times. 

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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