Place 16 – Day 13: Bergen – Cycling & Being Incredibly Welcoming

We cycled to the shop again today, luckily there was some good weather! We decided that we’re going to film our cycle with the GoPro attached to the front of one of the bikes. This didn’t work too well as it was very wobbly, so we scrapped that and we’ll be using it in the future to get some cool photos or videos!

We had to meet the AirBnB guest today from the bus stop. He was very nice and we showed him around the house and then headed out with him to the swimming area (technically just the sea!) to show him where to walk/hike around the area. We also had some conversations with him, which is nice to do when you’re not really talking to anyone throughout the day!

We’re needing to start getting prepared for moving to our next place here in the Bergen area of Norway, as we leave here on Friday!

We’ve got 2 more ‘HelpXers’ coming on Thursday, so we’ll need to get things prepared for them as well. We are hoping to be off on Wednesday, so we’re hoping to do something fun then!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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