Place 16 – Day 12: Bergen – Super Clean

Last night, we ended up getting back home for about 12am. We got from the bus and started walking as the bus heads the opposite way and then the bus drop past us and stopped as it was heading back to the depot so the driver drove us for about 10 minutes, which saved us about 30 minutes of walking!

When we woke up today, we had some egg on toast for breakfast and then had a lot of cleaning to do! We have an AirBnB guest coming tomorrow, so we had to get the room and other rooms as well as the hallway sorted for him!

We then went outside to finish what we started with the barrel the other day, so we emptied that and organised the glass we got from that.

We had a monster sandwich for lunch and chilli con carne for dinner which was great!

Now, we’re watching TV and relaxing. Tomorrow, we need to do some shopping to stock up for the guests that are coming, as well as some laundry and maybe some outside work!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale

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