Place 16 – Day 11: Bergen – Torgdagen, Gay Pride & IKEA

We woke up at 8am today, ready for what we’d planned! Our friend Tony had invited us to Bergen centre to go to a festival called ‘Torgdagen’, which has a litteral translation of ‘The Squares Day’…So that’s a fun fact of the day! 

This was based in and around the fish market, which Kim didn’t enjoy the smell of very much! 

We eventually found Tony and stood with him and listened to the acts playing music and dancing. 

Once that was done, we walked to grab a ‘Skillingsbolle’ (Cinnamon Bun) and stumbled apon a Gay Pride parade playing a lot of good music! 

Once we ate our snack, we made our way around a few bars to see if we could get any jobs. Unfortunately, not much luck as it was very busy!

We’re currently in the IKEA restaurant eating some meatballs and then we’ll walk around the shop and head back to Bergen! 

The weather was actually not bad today, which was fortunate. There was a lot of most to start with though, which looked awesome! 

We will need to get a bus back, well, 2 actually, and then a bit of a walk, but we’ll make it back fine! 

Back to work tomorrow…

Ha det! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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