Place 16 – Day 8: Bergen – Not Much

Today, we’ve not done a whole lot.

We woke up, neither of us feeling particularly spectacular and so we decided that we would do what was needed and that would be that for the day. The daily clean, some laundry etc.

We had done 2 hours extra for both yesterday and Monday, so we had some time spare, so we decided we would just have a relaxing afternoon/evening.

We finished hoovering and then sat down to a nice ham, cheese & cucumber sandwich and watched a TV show called ‘Loaded’ – Highly recommend!

We then just watched some more TV and relaxed and now we’re going to make some dinner, spaghetti bolognese.

During eating dinner, we’re going to watch the movie ‘Into The Woods’ mostly because Kim wants to and Curtis is an incredible husband so said yes to watching it.

Sorry for the short post today, but neither of us could really be bothered to do anything today. Hey, 3 years of traveling, there’ll be days like this!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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