Place 16 – Day 7: Bergen – Digging Holes & Off-Roading

We awoke earlier than we have been today as we had a lot to get done. We had AirBnB guests arriving in the morning, so we had to get the bathroom and kitchen sorted.

Once this was done and the guests arrived, we went out, into the rain, and checked the bicycles over to see what issues there was with them. We selected our two that we used last time and checked those. There was an issue with one of the breaks but it wasn’t easily fixable and we needed to go to the shop. So, we grabbed our helmets, put on our wind & rain proof jackets and headed to the shop. The weather was, although wet, not as windy as the previous time we went to the shop, so it worked out well. We got to the shop around 20 minutes later and used the ‘pant’ machine. This machine is where you put bottles and cans which are then recycled and you receive a reciept with a monetary value which you can use on your shopping or just get the money! 

Once we did that, we did a shop, not forgetting to include tonight’s dinner…Gradiosa pizza! (A Norwegian special). 

We cycled back after completing the shop…A lot heavier…had a sandwich and made sure we were ready for some more work! 

We got changed and then we headed back out to the garden to continue what we started the other day. We dug more to .get more of a slope going for the hot tub to drain down and amongst a lot more bones and, for some reason, metal, we managed to get it mostly how we wanted it!

Once we got everything sorted, we went for a walk to a mountainous area that we saw a family walk out of the other day, so we went in there to have a look! 

We walked around and it was wonderful! We kept walking up the mountain until we hit a point where a few seagulls seemed a little angry, so we headed back down, which was a little more difficult as we had to negotiate a way down.

It was beautiful around there, and not at all far from our home! 

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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