Place 16 – Day 6: Bergen – Lugging Lumber

Today we had planned to clean and setup for the AirBnB guests that are arriving tomorrow. 

Kim was doing laundry and Curtis was cleaning the kitchen. As we were doing this, our host said that we were needed to lug some lumber from its storage place to hear the treehouse so that our host and his friend are able to continue with the construction. 

We moved these panels of wood and then we continued with the inside cleaning. Curtis cleaned the kitchen more in depth and Kim setup the room for the AirBnB guests. 

Once we were done, we had a meeting with our host to discuss what needs to be done and when it will be done.

We need to do a shop tomorrow as well as fix the bicycles, so we’ll be having another productive day tomorrow! 

Kim made a wonderful omelette for lunch and we’re having ‘breakfast-for-dinner’!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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