Place 16 – Day 2: Bergen – Recycling, Job Hunting & IKEA

Our day began with a chat with our host regarding what needs to be done in the house as well as in the garden. We’re looking forward to getting stuck into our jobs!

After our discussion, we went with our host to a Recycling plant in which we recycled copious amounts of glass and plastic. 

Once we finished with our recycling, our host needed to go into Bergen centre so we stayed there for a few hours. We went out to a restaurant named ‘Jacob Aall’ which we come to every time we come to Bergen, although it’s not exactly on the cheap side! Kim had the ‘Jacob Aall Burger’ and Curtis had the chicken taglietelle. Kim’s burger was lovely and curtis’ taglietelle was nice, other than the last piece of chicken which didn’t seem too cooked! 

We went to a few hostels to speak about getting a job for about 1 month’s time. We went to 2 that were fairly in the centre and one that turned out to be up most of mount Ulriken!! We accidentally joined the route for a running race up the mountain, so that was interesting! 

We the spoke with our friend Espen who was moving house and wanted to go to IKEA to pick up some things. We wanted to go with him, so he came and picked us up and we headed out to IKEA. We had some fun there and then went to catch a bus home. Unfortunately, there were no busses soon, so, Espen being a great friend, drove us home! 

We will be drawing up a work plan and starting tomorrow! Wish us luck! 

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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