Place 16 – Day 1: Bergen 🇳🇴 – Cycling, Beautiful Views & Shopping

Hei! 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

We’re now in Bergen, Norway! 

We arrived to our house around 1:30am last night and decided that sleep was the plan! Espen & Marcus were kind enough to collect us from the airport and take us to Tofterøy, which was a huge help!

We settled in and slept far later then planned..until about 12pm, but we clearly needed it!

We had planned to do some hiking or something of the sort today, but as we woke up late we just needed to do some shopping really!
Our host provided us with bikes as the shop is on the next island! It was only actually about 1 mile or so away, but because of the route we had to do, it took much longer. The bridge we crossed was incredibly windy and fairly scary seen as neither of us have ridden a bike in a very long time! That being said, the views were beautiful. This is such a beautiful area. We bought a cabbage instead of lettuce, so that’s cool…

We also have a beautiful view from our kitchen!

In case you’re not aware, we’re staying here for 3 weeks and we’re going to be working at this house just building things or doing what ever is needed in return for accommodation & food.

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale


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