Place 14 & 15 – Day 4: København & Malmö – Food Truck Festival, Old Town & Beach Walk

We planned, as we said yesterday, to go to the food truck festival today. We managed to find it and, although it was awesome looking, there was nothing free so we didn’t stay long. It did smell great though! 

We then decided that, as we hadn’t already, we should go to the Old Town and see what that is like. This was a beautiful area with old buildings and some nice open spaces. There was clearly a football match on today, as there was a lot of the opposing team to Malmö, IFK, fans chanting around the place. It was a cool thing to see actually. Big drums and loud shouting! All good fun. 

We then headed back to the beach and just had a stroll along it! Although we’re pretty sure that the temperature isn’t much different from yesterday, it certainly felt warmer! There was a lot more people than yesterday, which made it more difficult to navigate! Kim saw a lot of dogs, which was good for her! 

– Adjö! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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