Place 14 & 15 – Day 3: København & Malmö –  Beach Walk & Taco Friday

We continued our walk from yesterday but today we walked directly to the beach and walked on from there! Today was a bit nicer with 22 being the highest temperature! 

We made sure we stopped at a shop first to buy a drink, but also bought some Skittles… They were just 10SEK! We bought these from a shop with a funny name.. Well, we thought it was funny! 

We walked down the beach, on the rocks and then sat down for a little bit before continuing on. 

Kim dipped her feet in the water and realised it was a terrible idea.. It was very seaweed filled..

We just had a pretty relaxed day and both laughed at the fact Kim couldn’t drink our drink without throwing on herself! 

We got back to the apartment and made dinner. In Scandinavia, for some reason, they had a tradition on Friday to eat Tacos! We took part in this today, kind of, with eating home made burritos! Very nice! All washed down with a Rekorderlig! 

Tomorrow, there is a street food truck festival which we are hopefully going to pop to, purely because we’re hoping there is free tasters! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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