Place 14 & 15 – Day 2: København & Malmö -Parks


Due to sheer laziness, we didn’t do anything until around 3pm today! 
We sat in the conservatory and had a coffee before heading out to the shop. 

We went to the shop and got some breakfast, just some chocolate croissants. We did stumble apon a funny chocolate bar though! 

Once we got food, took it back and headed to a park here in Malmö. We went there briefly last night, but we went again today and it was awesome! There was a windmill, huge open spaces, nice park trails, rivers, lakes and an old fort! 

We then walked towards the ‘Turning Torso’, which is a residential building and the biggest building in Scandinavia! 

We sat on the rocks, walked along the water and just had a fun, relaxed and silly time! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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