Place 14 & 15 – Day 1: København 🇩🇰 & Malmö 🇸🇪 – Denmark, no! Sweden..

Hej! 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇸🇪🇸🇪

Switching the format up, eh! 

Last night, we went to the Spy museum in Berlin. This was 2 floors of spy memorabilia and information about spying during WW1 & WW2. This was pretty cool and killed some time. We then popped to get a currywurst and made our way on the metro to the bus stop where we got a Mcdonalds and boarded the bus! 

We got the bus to Copenhagen from Berlin which took about 9 hours. We had a lovely drunk guy behind us on the bus the whole way there, which seems to happen all the time! He was burping, leaning on our seats and he smelled… 

We got to a boat at 5am. We hadnt realised that we were going on a boat, so it was a pleasant surprise! We were on there for 45 minutes and then back onto the bus for about 2 hours. 

When we arrived in Copenhagen, we had to make our way to Malmö as it’s cheaper to stay there then in Copenhagen! 

We got a train ticket for about £20 (£10 each) and then got on the train. It turns out, the train was not the right one! We ended up having a 30 minute detour and getting back to Copenhagen to the get the right train. 

We arrived in Malmö, very tired, and headed to our apartment. We got there, showered and freshened up a bit and then went to find breakfast. 

We went to a ‘crepery’ and got something which we don’t know what it is but it had bacon and egg so it was tasty (though VERY expensive!). 

We wondered around the shopping Centre for a bit and saw some fish from Finding Nemo! Kim also tried on some snazzy glasses! 

We then came back to the apartment and fell asleep for a couple of hours as we haven’t had much sleep in the last couple of days. Once we woke and mustered up the energy, we walked to the supermarket to buy food for the week, which was also not cheap! 

The plan is to visit Copenhagen once or twice, which will be awesome. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

3 thoughts on “Place 14 & 15 – Day 1: København 🇩🇰 & Malmö 🇸🇪 – Denmark, no! Sweden..”

  1. Don’t forget to go to the Europa cup final tonight.

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