Place 12 – Day 3: Prague – Castle & Garden 

We left a little later today and walked to the Prague Castle! 

We walk up a hill and arrived at a park near the castle, after an hour walk. We relaxed on a bench at the park for a little then continued and found the Royal Garden. This was free, so we went in. It was lovely! Lots of flowers, some fountains and a cool building. 

We then walked on and found the castle which engulfs a Gothic cathedral, which is one of the most incredible things we’ve seen since traveling! 

Once we were done here, we walked back towards the hostel and stopped for some lunch. 

We arrived back at the hostel and now we’re off for a swim to relax and cool off! 

Later, we’re going for a drink with some friends and then just taking a stroll back! 

1.5 days left of Prague, then we move on! 

Photos aren’t uploading! Please check Facebook photos (photos link) for all photos of today! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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