Place 12 – Day 2: Prague – Sweets, Chocolate & Czech Food 

Our plan for today was to walk around. Prague has a lot of cool buildings and most of the ‘things to do’ are looking at buildings. 

We had a walk around for a little and then went to the chocolate museum! 

We first saw people making sweets, which we got to try! 

We then paid to go into the chocolate museum, which we got to see the history of chocolate as well as get ‘unlimited’ chocolate!

We then got to watch someone make pralines and try those too! 

Once we left the museum, we walked for a little more and found Hamley’s! We walked around the store, which was huge! Kim went down the slide and hugged a gorilla… 

Today was an awesome day! We topped it off with watching some Irish dancing.. For some reason.. And some Czech food. A nice beef goulash with bread dumplings.


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


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