Place 11 – Day 4: Kraków – Schindler’s Factory & Jewish Quarter 

We headed to Schindler’s Factory today. This is a museum filled with information about the invasion of Poland by the Nazis as well as post takeover life for the Polish people. Entry was free today, so it was the best day to go! 

The museum was actually really good. I’d say one of the best we’d been to! It was very informative as well as interesting with interesting layouts. 

There was also a small section which was Schindler’s office. This included information on Oskar Schindler himself, as well as the world he did to help the Jews during the reign of the 3rd Reich. 

We took no photos, as it was a museum, but it’s an interesting museum that we would definitely recommend! 

Once we were done, we then headed to find some lunch! We really fancied some sandwiches, so we walked around but couldn’t find anything we liked! We found a place that did all day breakfast, so Curtis had bacon & fried eggs and Kim had bacon, ham & scrambled eggs. Very tasty! 

We were still hungry (portions are too small!) so we found a Mcdonalds and got a Mcflurry and a coffee, so it doesn’t really count! 

By the way, the McDonald’s looked awesome!

We then found where the Jewish Quarter was and took a stroll through there, before we can back to the hostel to complete some admin. 

We are leaving Poland at 23:00 tonight via bus! 

In other news, we have some exciting things for the next few months planned which were finalized yesterday and today, so stay tuned for that! We’re very excited!

Do widzenia! 
– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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