Place 11 – Day 3: Kraków – Extra Day, Parade & Walking

We had thought that today was our last day in Poland, but it turns out that we have another day and leave tomorrow! 

We woke up early as there was a parade at 8am, for some reason! It seemed to be some sort of religious parade and it continued until the afternoon! 

We walked to the bus station to figure out where our stop is, and then we just had a walk around the city. It was nice and hot today too, which was ideal! 

We had a quick soft drink and then headed back. We stopped in a park for a sit down and relax. 

We walked back and looked at some things for future travels!

Then, we went out to find Mac & Cheese for dinner, but nowhere had it! So, we had a burrito instead! 

Now, we’re going to sit watching TV and drinking some vodka, because we got some for free so we have to drink it… Right? 

Do widzenia! 
– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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