Place 11 – Day 2: Kraków – Auschwitz & Oswiecim 

Today, we woke around 09:15 to get our free breakfast! 

There was just bread, jam, corn flakes and milk, but it does the job & it’s free! Oh… And Coffee! 

The plan for today was to visit Auschwitz. This is something we’ve wanted to do, especially Curtis. 

We knew it wouldn’t necessarily be ‘fun’, but educational and something that we knew had to be seen when here in Poland. 

We made our way to the train station, catching a train to Oswiecim, in which Auschwitz is located. We walked for about 20 minutes through Oswiecim and arrived at the museum. 

We tried not to take many photos, because it’s not really the place for it, though we did get a couple. 

It was very interesting and also odd to be there at the same time. Walking around the gas chamber was very strange and eery, as well as the basement in the prison. 

We had a nice Polish steak dinner inner tonight, as we were both feeling a little odd after visiting Auschwitz! 

 Do widzenia! 
– Mr and Mrs Hale 


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