Place 9 – Day 3: Budapest – Budapest Castle

After waking at 10am and having some cereal, we took a bus to get some extra breakfast at McDonald’s, well a nice coffee! 

After we finished our coffee, we walked to the other side of Budapest to get to the Budapest Castle and it was incredible! We walked all around it and Kim wanted to go to a princess tower, so we found one and she got to go in one! 

We had a nice long walk around, got some lunch and then walked to Aldi to get some snacks for our 19 hour bus journey! 

We then caught a bus back, and we’re heading off to our next location very soon! 

Budapest is brilliant, we’d highly recommend! 

Our hosts for the 3 days, Micael & Agota, have been wonderful and super hospitable! We thank them greatly.

This is the last update from Budapest! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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