Place 8 – Day 6: Split – Froggyland & Beach Day Pt 2

The plan for today wasn’t decided until about 1pm when we finally decided to leave the house! 

Kim had wanted to go to Froggyland today, which is a museum of 507 stuffed frogs doing everyday activities. Yes, weird, but it’s the only one of its kind in the world, so we had to go! 

Unfortunately, we were unable to take photos, but photos can be seen online. It was interesting and strange at the same time. 

This didn’t last as long as we expected, so after we decided to get changed and head to the beach as it was very hot today! 

We got to where we climbed the wall yesterday and 2 Croatian guys told us it is a private beach, so we went to another beach instead, which was also nice but more people! 

After some wading, sunbathing and jumping into the water, we headed back home for a shower and now we’re making burgers and potato wedges for dinner and then an evening walk we think! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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