Place 8 – Day 2: Split – Washing Machine & Beaches

Today, the plan was to wake around 9:30 have some breakfast and go to the beach. 

We did not stick to our plan as we didn’t get much sleep for the last few days, so we slept for a while until around 10:30.

Josh needed to do a wash, so did, but the water wouldn’t drain from the washing machine! After some Googling and a lot of time, we cleared out the filter and drained the water and the wash seemed to work! 

Once this was done and showers taken, Curtis and Josh headed out to buy things for breakfast, only to be disappointed as it’s Sunday and the shop was closed so we had to get something else. 

Curtis and Josh walked to a bakery and bought 3 chocolate covered and filled croissants for the equivalent of just £1.86!

Once we ate breakfast, we had a walk around Split, visiting 3 beaches and covering a lot of distance and walking around a forest! 

The dinner plan for tonight as no store is open is to have a Croatian meal, so we’re headed there in a moment! You’ll see and hear about that in tomorrow’s blog! 

Below are some pictures of us in the water, which was not too cold and also just some nice pictures of how awesome it looks! 

Videos to follow on our Facebook page! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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