Place 8 – Day 1: Split – New Place 🇭🇷

🇭🇷Dobre Dan! 🇭🇷

After sitting on a boat for 12 hours, we finally made it to Split, Croatia! 

We got to Ancona to catch the ferry but we got there around 12pm and it turns out that the ticket office didn’t open until 4pm!

Whilst waiting, we met some Australian people as well as some more Americans! 

We went and had a beer with an American couple from Utah, Josh (obviously) and an Australian! 

Once we got on the boat, we soon realized it was not as comfortable as desired. 

We had few charge points, no WiFi and just one common area. 

We took a corner with a sofa and we’re joined by a Kiwi, who was awesome! 

We played some card games, had a laugh and just relaxed. 

The boat didn’t leave until about 1.5 hours after it was meant to, but it was still quite good fun. 

We had a group of Italians sitting next to us who decided that they needed to sing..Luckily,that was just until around 11pm.

Once they finished, we played a few more games and then headed to bed around 12/12:30.

Sleeping was uncomfortable and we all slept in interesting locations, such as the floor, chairs and sofas! 

We woke freezing cold around 5am and managed to sleep until around 6am,before docking for around 7:15am.

We had to queue again and get through passport control and the person we are renting the apartment from was waiting for us but we couldn’t check in until 2pm, so we dropped our bags and walked around split, including a beach! 

We got the the apartment for 2pm, relaxed, got acquainted and had some food! 

The plan for tonight is an evening stroll and early night. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


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