Place 6 – Day 43: Rome – Accommodation #5

We woke at around 9:30am to head out to our last place to stay, with just 3 nights remaining in Rome! 

After checking out of the campsite and having the usual croissant and cappuccino from McDonald’s, we began the walk to the Metro station. Today was much hotter than other days have been, but we packed smart so the bags didn’t seem as heavy and we were wearing comfortable clothing! 

Once we got to the metro, we were on there for about 7 stops and then we had to catch a bus to the other side of Rome for our next apartment. 

After waiting for the bus for 45 minutes and then being squashed into the bus like sardines, it was nice to have a little walk. 

It was only about a 10 minute walk from the bus stop to the apartment, which is very nice!

There are balconies, free coffee, nice kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a double bed in a nice light room! We share the place with 3 other rooms, but it doesn’t seem that anyone else in here at the moment, so we have it all to ourselves! 

Once we got our stuff in and settled, we took a walk to a supermarket (the largest so far!) and bought some food for lunch and dinner. 

We have a lot of pasta left over and it’s effort to carry, so we’re trying to use it up! For lunch, we had a lot of pesto pasta, and for dinner it’ll be chicken with pasta followed by chocolate pudding! 

Curtis had a coffee because it’s free and the plan is to have a coffee on one of the balconies tomorrow morning! 

Later, once we’ve had dinner, we’re going to walk into Rome and see someone from the hostel just to say hi! 

We’ve no plans for tomorrow, but being fairly close to Rome, it doesn’t rule out having a strole there and just walking around. Not long until we leave now! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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