Place 6 – Day 40: Rome – Nothing & Naughty Food

The plan for today was nothing. 

We woke up at some time after 12, which was much needed, we think! 

We had no plans, so looked into some more of the places we needed to book, before heading out to find something for dinner. 

We walked to a further away shop, but beforehand Kim decided that the park was somewhere she wanted to visit! 

We got some hotdogs and hotdog buns and, because we have nowhere to cook, we had cold hotdogs! Very tasty! 

We stayed inside just watching some TV and then headed out to the shop for some ice cream. We found some Tiramasu ice cream for a good price, so got that! 

Along with this, we got some drinks. Kim got a bottle of lemon Pepsi, Curtis got some Guinness because it’s on deal and… It’s Guinness! 

Why not have some cheat days, eh?!


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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