Place 6 – Day 37: Rome – Plot Twist! 

Today started as normal, Curtis was working in the morning and Kim in the evening. 

Due to an interesting morning, we decided to leave our jobs and the hostel and go elsewhere. 

The only problem with this is that we had nowhere booked, so had to leave the hostel and, along with Christian and Josh who helped us with our bags, we found a cafe for some wifi. That being said, the woman that worked there hated us for just ordering water! 

Once we obtained wifi, we found the cheapest place to stay, which turned out to be a ‘glamping’ site! 

We are staying in a 3 bed (we have to share with another person, though they aren’t here yet!). The 3 bed is a tent/gazebo! 

It’s a little cosy inside, but this was the cheapest thing available!

There is a pool, though not available for a couple of days, uunfortunately. 

Everything you ever need is here, and it’s slightly out of the centre of Rome! 

We’ve only booked 6 nights, but they have said there is space for the last couple of nights, even though online this was not available. Once we’ve stayed here, we need to make the trip back to Rome to catch our bus for the next place! 

Can’t wait to leave Rome, though. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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