Place 6 – Day 35: Rome – Big Groups & McDonald’s 

We were both working in the morning, so that meant waking up early! 

Curtis had the fun of finding out about a group that had arrived at the hostel, and therefore had to quickly make up 4 rooms as soon as possible, which was too much effort in such a short space of time! 

Kim went for a walk with a girl from Austria, Anna-Lisa, up to Villa Borghese, which took around 2 hours. 

After, we went to McDonald’s for a milkshake, but ended up buying food, too! So that’s dinner sorted. 

Tonight, we have free wine to drink, thanks to Paul, and we have Josh coming over so we’re all just going to relax, Curtis will watch hockey and then it’s a day off tomorrow, which we have some plans for, so stay tuned here for the pictures tomorrow! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


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