Place 6 – Day 34: Rome – Easter Eggs, The Pope & Napping

We given free Easter eggs which look bigger than we think they actually are, but free stuff! 

Kim was able to work on the bar today, which she was very happy with. This also helps us because she gets tips! £5 in tips today! 

Our friends, Josh & Christian, went to the Vatican last night to camp for the Sunday Mass today, so they got there at 2:50am and slept there overnight! They were within touching distance, as you can see from the photo below! 

Curtis was awake until 5am watching hockey and then woke up for work around 6:45am, but surprisingly felt fine! 

That being said, we both fancied a nap after work, so we went for showers and then led down, next thing we knew, we slept for a few hours! This actually made us feel a little worse..

Now, we need to find something to eat and then go to bed, I guess! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 

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